Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic: Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic: Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System

  • Volleyball set features telescoping push-button aluminum poles
  • Three height adjustments for men’s, women’s, and coed play
  • Three-foot by 32-foot professional sleeve net
  • 0.3125-inch pull-down guy line system with handles and 12-inch steel ground stakes
  • Pre-measured boundary with corner anchors and equipment bag

The Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic portable outdoor volleyball net system is our flagship set for professional, tournament-level volleyball. This set is a perennial favorite of tournament directors and competitive players alike. This volleyball net system is designed with premium, powder-coated telescopic aluminum poles that measure 2″ in diameter. These 2-piece poles feature a push-button locking system, allowing you to easily adjust the net to men’s (8′), women’s (7′ 4″) and co-ed (7′ 8″) playing heights. The Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic volleyball net system features our regulation size Spectrum net, which measures 32′ L x 3′ H, and is pre-attached to the poles. This nylon net has 3″ top and bottom tapes with reinforced corners and is equipped with convenient 6″ side sleeves, which distributes the net tension evenly from the top to the bottom of the net. Nylon netting is superior at withstanding harsh weather compared to lower-end polyethylene (PE) nets, so you can enjoy the game for years to come. The 5/16″ double guyline with padded pull down handles allow for quick adjustments that ensure the net remains taut, even during rough play. For added stability, (4) 12″ forged steel ground stakes are also included. Define your court with the 5/16″ diameter, pre-measured boundary (60′ L x 30′ W) which is firmly secured to the ground with corner anchors. When not in use, the cord winder keeps the boundary wrapped up without tangles. This entire set fits inside a heavy-duty 1800 denier polyester zippered equipment bag with carrying handles; making transporting and storing extremely convenient.


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    Competitve Players Must Read!, April 28, 2015

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    I am not a paid reviewer. I play 8 hours of beach 2’s volleyball a week and have been doing so for almost 20 years. I was looking for a light weight net so we could stop lugging around the heavier pro-grade nets we usually use. If you are considering this net there are few things you must know:
    1) It is much lighter than the pro-grade net systems. It feels like it barely weighs more than my beach chair!
    2) The net is smaller than pro grade sets in two ways, First, the net is only 36 inches tall vs 39 inches for pro nets. Second, the poles are closer to the playing court because the net does not have adjustment lines on the sides — the poles go right thru the net ends itself. Typical pro nets have 34 to 35 feet between the poles, this system has 32 feet. I was worried about having the poles closer to the court, but turns out to be no big deal in actual play. In fact I could argue it is better, because if you are too lazy to set up antenna, the net poles being closer to the court is almost like having them. The 36 inch net height is actually more bothersome. It is a big difference in terms of what playable balls come out of the net… but in the end it is a sacrifice I can live with to have the light weight system — which was my primary goal.
    3) If you are going to use this in sandy areas you ABSOLUTLY can NOT use the telescoping feature of the poles. If you collapse them even one time with sand on them, they fuse together and you will not get them apart without tools. Store the poles by taking them apart and putting them in the bag one at a time. Heed this warning or suffer the consequences!
    4) Do not buy this net unless you are willing to take some time to at a minimum re-tie and adjust the top rope running thru the top tape of the net or better yet replace it with a metal wire. The net comes with a thin nylon rope (rope is being generous it is a string really) as the top tape line. Mine was poorly adjusted and so loose I could not get the net top tension good enough to play on with real players. The top tape looked like wet noodle running across the top of the net. The first day I took it to the beach all I could do was I let the kids play on it, as that was all it was suited to. When I got back home, I set the net up in my yard for a few days to let it adjust and stretch out. Once it stabilized, I cut one end of the cheapo nylon top line, and used it to pull a light but strong metal wire thru the top of the net. Then, careful to get the length of the wire just right, I used a swaging tool to crimp it in place to the poles on both ends. This completely solved the floppy net top. It is probably possible to use the cheapo nylon string the manufacture provides, and with adjustment get the net top tight, but I wouldn’t bother, put a wire in and be done.
    The bottom line is, now that the modifications are done, the net is exactly what I wanted, a super lightweight system, that I can get the net tight as a guitar string, suitable for competitive play. I love it now. As for the star rating I would have given it one star out of the box, but four stars now that I added the wire. Only thing that keeps me from saying it is a full five stars is that I wish it had the 39 inch pro width net.

    UPDATE: The same day I posted this review, the President of Park and Sun called me to discuss the review. To me this shows they truly care about their products and their customers. An excellent sign.

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    Play in 5- nice set-up, April 25, 2017
    S. Moore (Indiana) –

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    The best thing about this set is the super easy and fast set-up. My middle schooler can set this up in the back yard and play with her volleyball friends within 10 minutes. The materials seem heavy duty enough to withstand good play. Additionally, the value on amazon was superior to sporting good stores.

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